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Production Activity
• 3 Tracks Produced on: "Craig Lynch: The Birth E.P." (Release 4/20/2015)
• "Craig Lynch: The Renaissance" (Coming Soon)

Various Collaborations
Stevie Franks, Val Da Grain, Craig Lynch, Black Collar Biz, C-Note Green, Alais Clay, Ghostryder, Nico the Beast, Bizzy Randall, C.L. Jiggy, 100 Milez, YG The General, Briefcase Dart, Boog the Phly Writer, Alamaj, Rone, Kev & More

Recent Events
• NJ2Baltimore: "Die In" Justice For #PhillipWhite #FreddieGray 5/2015
• Poor People's Protest - Camden, NJ 5/2015
• Legalize N.J. 4-20.5 Concert & Festival: Mill Hill Park 4/2015
• Trenton, NJ Statehouse Spring Smoke Out Protest 3/2015
• Princeton, NJ Protest 4 Micheal Brown 8/2014
• Princeton 4 Palestine Protest 8/2014
• "Music Is What Feelings Sound Like" Itunes Release 5/2013
• 3rd Place Winner Istandard Philly 7/11/2012 Beat Battle

Resident of New Jersey. I produce Beats and Instrumentals.


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